South Africa's Favorite Idol

hEy GUyS!!

So normally I am not one to laugh at people...(cricket, cricket) but I couldnt control myself!! Literally I am in tears now!! I cant breathe because I am on the floor cracking up!

Watch to see what happen in a recent audition for American Idol:South Africa

Side Note: please watch until the end!! lol

WhAT DID You ThinK?!!
LeavE cOmmeNTs beLOW!

Beyonce, Solange, and Baby Nixon Makes 3

Attention Ladies and Gentleman!!!

A couple of months ago a woman accused Matthew Knowles, father of music superstar Beyonce Knowles, of being the father of her unborn son....

Well Guys Baby Nixon is here and yesterday an L.A Judge ordered Papa Knowles to pay Alexandra Wright $8,200 a month for the new baby and $20,750 just for the month of January alone.

Knowles has yet to accept or deny the new baby, but did give Ms. Wright 10,000 for her baby expenses.

A DNA Paternity Test Has Been Set For March 1st.

I'll Keep You Posted...

But this is Crazy!!!!
LEaVe YOur ResPonSes BELOW!!!

C Breezy is giving a lot of "SEX" this V-Day

WasSUp Guys!!!

So Chris Breezy is back!! His new mixtape, " In My Zone(Rythm & Streets) dropped today and honestly...all I can say is round of applause to Chris! His new valentines day themed album shows a much more mature side of the teen superstar that female fans have only fantasized about. With songs like Sex, Invented Head and Back Out..Chris Breezy isn't ashamed to let the world know that he isnt little and that he can play like the big boys do.

This album ultimately isn't the normal Chris Brown treatment. He isn't calling you from down the block screaming, "Yo" but he is pushing you against the wall and taking you to unforseen places. He is establishing himself as a young man who has sex, and occasionally raps while In His Zone. He still has fun and youthful arrangements but is screaming to the industry that he is no little boy. What do you think?!

Hit Or Miss?!
...check it out for yourself!!!

In My Zone(Rthym & Streets)

Happy Valentines Day: Flashback!


SUP GUys!!
As YOu KnOW TOday is Valentine' Day 2010 and I hope that everybody is spending it with someone that they love!! Unfortunately I am spending this Valentines Day alone..well not really..with the close friends I love and so I guess I am not alone...

AnyWhO! the VId BelOw is pretty cool! its a close friend of mine Shaccara Rogers who is in a band called GWN!!
If you like what you heard you can check them out here and here and here!!!


p.s - excuse that last "wooo" it was a little off!! hahaha

Bobby V. wishes he was "Anonymous" Now

SUp GUys!
BobBy V. is among the latest star to have naked pics of themselves released by an ex or as a P.R stunt! Supposedly Bobby V. has been having issues with his ex who will remain "Anonymous" but she definitely will have the last laugh now...or will she?!

Check the Pics Out Here...Via our boy Freddy O

Happy Birthday Brandy and Kelly!


Join Me In Wishing Brandy and Kelly Rowland a very Happy Birthday!! Kelly Rowland just turned 29 on February 11th and Ms. B Rocka herself will turn 30 on February 17th!!

Check Out The Pics from Brandy's Birthday Party This Past Weekend

Stars Team Up For Haiti

GUyS! whaT's ShaKin!!

So some of your favorite stars have teamed up to help Haiti yet again! Quincy Jones headed the powerful remake of "We are the World" to create something that only he could do! With stars such as Mary Mary, Kanye West, Wyclef Jean, Lil Wayne, Pink, Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxtion, Trey Songz, Celine Dion, Usher, Justin Beiber, Jamie Foxx, Miley Cyrus and anybody else you would ever want to see hopes to give back to Haiti like never before. In the wake of 25th anniversary of the popular song featuring the late King of Pop, this remake is nothing short of amazing!

Check it Out!! Well worth the 8 minutes and change!!



WaS PoPPin Guys!!
So Rihanna released the video for "Rude Boy" off her latest LP "Rated R" and can I just say....tHAt bOdy GOt me ThinkIng Rude ThoughtS!!!

Before Watching:
1) Get Comfortable
2) Have a bottle of water close by
3) Have a towel in hand to wipe face

Now..Without further adue...lets see what Ms. Rihanna has learned from cousin Bey! (im just saying...)