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So she isn't the girl next door, the girl up the street or the girl at your church. Chances are you have never experienced the remarkable talents of young DC native Courtney Salter. Courtney is not the next Beyonce. Not because she isn't talented enough, but instead her sound is rare enough to put Courtney is a league of her own. While surfing on YouTube I stumbled upon the jazzy sounding superstar singing a cover of the Plain White Tee's 2007 Summer Smash, "Hey There Delilah." And I have been in a daze ever since! If her amazing voice and stellar vibrato doesn't draw you in, her unique style and quirkiness will at least prompt you to want to investigate. If it's music to move the soul that you seek...then allow Courtney to be the moving van for your Enlightenment!

I Caught Up With Courtney and Got the Inside Scoop on her fresh sound, plans for the future, and how she plans to shake up the music industry!!

Check IT OUT!!

Name: Courtney Shanade Salter
Age: 18
Location(State): Chocolate City

G.SPOT(G.S): Where did you grow up?
Courtney Salters(C.S): I Grew up in Chantilly, Virginia, Ashburn Virginia, and all over D.C (Eastern Market area and Friendship heights area).

(G.S): When did you first realize your unique gift(singing)?
(C.S): When did you first realize your unique gift(singing)? When I was in the first grade and my music teacher, Mr. Ring, asked me to sing the star spangled banner in front of my whole elementary school! I knew at the moment that my voice was special.

(G.S): Who inspires your sound?
(C.S): Like a big collaboration of Minnie Ripper Ton, Omarion, Donnie Hathaway, Mariah Carey, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Jazmine Sullivan, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Flyleaf, Beyonce, Ella Fitzgerald, Chrisette Michelle, and JOHN LEGEND have been major influences to my sound.

(G.S): How did your mixtape come about?
(C.S): There was a producer who promised to help me create music for free, and he would take his sweet time, and conclusively disappeared when I needed him the most. I knew him for 3 months and we only had one song finished, and I wasn‘t even satisfied with results. That series of unfortunate events has inspired me to learn everything myself. I started using this m-audio session producer USB program and started creating recording from there. With no help and no money, but with a brain, my life experiences, a computer, and the notepad software, I was able to create the enlightenment part 1, all by myself!

(G.S): What are your dreams for the near future?
(C.S): I want to rebuild DC, I want to place a huge mall in the middle of NE and SE, and I want the jobs to immediately go to those who struggle the hardest, those who live smack in the middle of the poverty, I want to give them a better gateway. I want to keep the beautiful black people WITHIN DC (instead of moving them, to more ‘affordable’ areas like Maryland) but eliminating the poverty through providing affordable housing. After rebuilding my city, I want to eliminate poverty throughout America, which would decrease crime, enlightening the people with other opportunities, choices, and goals! I want to start my own record label that only contains real talent, and legit management, not the kind of label that will keep you on the shelf or try to ruin your career, but a label of realism and realistic talent.

(G.S): What do you hope listeners will take away from listening to sing?
(C.S): I want someone to be blessed when they hear me sing, and I want them to be motivated and encouraged that there is always light at the end of every obstacle or trial.

(G.S.): What has the hardest thing been about trying to get signed?
(C.S.): Honestly I am no where near interested in getting signed anytime soon, I want my fan base to increase abundantly before I even contemplate on that.

(G.S): When you hear about YouTube success stories(Priscilla Renea, Dondria, Esmee Denters) how do you think you compare in comparison to those artist that have come before you through YouTube?
(C.S): I believe that they are all very talented, but I believe that at the end of day I offer something more unique and real. I’m tired of women conforming to commercialism, why can’t we write songs about more then just booty shaking, love, relationships, men. THERE ARE MILLIONS OF OTHER TOPICS!!! Someone will appreciate where I’m trying to go, more sooner than later.

(G.S): How would you describe in a few words the feelings you feel when you sing?
(C.S): I simply feel liberated and beyond thankful towards God for my life and voice.

(G.S):Do you ever get nervous singing for people?
(C.S):I do get nervous singing for people, you have to realize, when your playing an instrument you can almost assume the sound that your about to project is correct, with voice, you never know!

(G.S): How would you describe your sound?
(C.S): My sound can be described as raspy, punk, raw, ruff, strong, deep, and enlightening.

(G.S): If you couldn't sing what would you be doing?
(C.S): If I couldn’t sing I would be in school for marine biology.

(G.S): What are your some of your favorite songs to sing?
(C.S): John legend’s ‘She don’t have to know’ and Omarion’s ‘I’m gon’’ Change’ are the first two songs that come to mind.

(G.S): What mark do you think you can leave on the music industry?
(C.S): God Willing, I believe that I could be the next Beyonce or Alicia Keys without having to shake my booty or become to glamorized to do it.

Soda or Coke: Man I’m trying to stop drinking soda, but Dr. Pepper and Root Beer!
India Arie or Erykah Badu: India Arie Most definitely, love her soul.
Doritos or Tostitos: Doritos make your breath stink so, Tostitos!
BET or MTV: VH1!
Trueblood or Twilight: The Twilight Zone! lol
The Game or Girlfriends: Girlfriends!
Heels or Sneakers: Combat Boots.
Ipod or Zune: Zune's last longer in life!

Taking after the likes of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and even an overjoyed Jill Scott, Salter undoubtedly will reach for the stars and when she gets there we'll be cheering her on!
Check Out HerYoutube Page and support our Rising Super Star!!


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