After her husbands appearance on The View, first lady, MICHELLE OBAMA and daughter SASHA OBAMA decided to follow suit and visit Spain. The two ladies were in true presidential form, dressing very cute, comfortable, and chic for their journey to the beautiful Merivent Palace in Spain. The ladies were in town to visit Spain's royalty King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofie, and Princes Letizia!

Check Out Pics After the Jump!

It Been a Long Time Coming...

[Deep Breath]
Hey Guys!!!!!

It's been soo loooooong!! I know I say that all the time but this time it has been several MONTHS. There is a good reason for my dissapearance this time. I promise. As you know, the last post that I did was around the begining of the summer before I started my internship at Right On! Magazine. Ultimately, my job at Right On! and my blog were the same thing so I decided to simply focus on my job. Nevertheless I always loved my personal blog and my few dedicated readers and supporters! Ya'll are the bomb!!

Anyways, I have over 100 post on Right On! Magazine from the summer and 4 clips to add to my collection of writings! I interviewed American Idol Top 12 Contestant MICHAEL LYNCHE and with the help of a fellow journalist interviewed PHARREL WILLIAMS! Thus this summer has been extremely succesful. I have learned so many skills from the wonderful and talented editor-in-chief DANICA DANIEL and I am so excited to start posting and getting back to you guys and everything that I enjoy. My internship was extended and thus I have so much more to do with both you and Right On! but because of all I learned I can manage it!

Hmm what else? I plan on interning more this fall with more places and bringing you as much writing and experiences as possible! Trust me, this fall will be epic for the both of us! I plan on having a photoshoot soon to help me revamp the blog and just beauitfy it a bit more so that is somehthing that you guys can look forward to! Way more pictures, post, personal entries and just more, more, more for this fall!! If you have any question or ideas for post or interviews that you all would like to see...send me an email to gchapmanjr@gmail.com and I will get right back to you as soon as possible! Just make sure to include the nature of the e-mail in the subject of the e-mail! For now, that is all I have!!


Oh and you can check my post out from Right On! Magazine ----> Right On! Magazine Post
and you can check out my NEW twitter account as well---> Twitter.com/WriteFromBK


Chris Brown Make His Porn Debut... No Bullshit

When most celebrities are in danger of losing their 15 minutes of fame, they take something off for a extra five minutes. Chris Brown is no exception. Since releasing his Valentines' Day Mixtape, "Rhythm and Streets," Chris Brown has been screaming to the world that he is man, and does manly things.

Check Out Why Chris Brown isn't taking "No Bullshit" anymore!
I wonder who the ladies will think invented sex now?


Gimme Some Sugar

Granted, we all love our moms?! I love mine, you love yours, and Quincy loves his! Well maybe a little more than I do. The internet has been buzzin in case you missed it, with this pic of Kim Porter (Diddy's Ex-Girl) kissing Diddy's 18 yeard old son Quincy! What do you think?! Was this kiss too much? Or do you say "different strokes for different folks!"

P.S.- HE IS 18! just thought I would throw that in there again!

(Photo Credit: www.QuincyInternational.com)

TEEN MOGUL: Ashani Allick

When most people are sleeping, young Brooklynite Ashani Allick is creating and planning. Recently, the 20-year filled me in on how he manifested his dream of a new trendy boutique and lounge, which he calls BarrelHouseBKLYN into reality. As well as the inspiration behind his new clothing line “Concrete Heavens.”

Ashani just shy of 6 feet looks like your average college student. Jean jacket? Check. G-Shock? Check. Sneakers you probably can’t afford? Check. But if your peer a little closer, you may start to uncover the genius that is working in the confinements of this young moguls mind. As CEO of BarrelHouseBKLYN, Ashani has tactfully put together all the things which he embodies to create something the world has yet to encounter. Warning! This interview may cause extreme “hateration.” Reader discretion is advised!

G. SPOT: So Ashani, without further ado, what is the story behind the creation of BarrelHouse NYC?

ASHANI: The story behind the creation of BarrrelHouse is interesting. I was attending Medgar Evers College, and I didn’t have a major, and I never was a great student. I felt lost wandering the halls of school. I felt like I had no sense of self, I felt like I had no direction. My mother always told me to go to school and get an education, but school was always far from my mind. After thinking about this I sat down one day and decided to take all the things that I love, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, and Fashion and this was sort-of the birth of BarrelHouse.

The term "BarrelHouse" is a word that was used in the 1940's to describe a place where African-Americans would gather and dance, drink and let go of the stresses of life. It was also the place where alcohol was stored in Barrels, hence the name Barrelhouse. I used this concept and put my own twist on it, and created BarrelHouse BKLYN. Our mission is to promote positivity and ambition within our communities through all outlets of entertainment [fashion, art, music, and other forms of expression]. Our ultimate goal is to own our very own clothing boutique specializing in the latest fashion and apparel, while converting to a lounge space by night. The lounge serves as a platform for aspiring and driven artists to showcase their talent to an audience. We combined our favorite elements and BarrelHouseBKLYN was born!!

G.S.- Wow, so it’s originally a clothing boutique? How did you eventually get to add on the night time lounge?

ASHANI: I came up with the concept of adding music and poetry because these are two elements that I feel are universal. Music is therapy, music is relate able, music makes you happy or it can make you sad. People in Japan are singing lyrics to a 50-cent lullaby but they know not one word of English. That is amazing! Music is life. So by adding these elements to my BarrelHouseBKLYN, I hope to reach out to the youth in our community and relay positive messages, and inspiring their creative aspirations at the same time.

G.S, - Ok, and its to my understanding that you dropped out of school to pursue the building up and branding of BarrelHouseBklyn, where do you get the inspiration to make such a critical decision in your life?

ASHANI: I hate the term "dropout". I "took a break", so to say (laughs). I will eventually pursue my degree, but at this point in time, all I can think about is the advancement of my company and getting it to where I envision it to be. My heart and mind isn’t in school right now and it wouldn't be true to myself if I stayed in school. I do plan on going back one day though.

G.S.- Cool! So with that much passion behind it, what do you think it is that makes BarrelHouseBKLYN different from other stores that may be similar and why do you even think it is needed in the world of Hip-Hop, Fashion, and the arts?

ASHANI: What makes BarrelHouse different is that my partners and I are no older than 20, so we know exactly what the youth in our communities are in need of. We do not throw events, parties, and hold open mics for money. We do this so the aspiring poets, musicians, and future influences can have a place where they can express themselves in a fresh and unique way. A place like this is desperately missing in our communities.

G.S.- I feel you! So you say you have partners? Well who are they and how to they contribute to the production of BarrelHouseBKLYN?

ASHANI: Ok so I am the founder of Barrelhouse and my partners that I brought on board are two of my high school friends. Akeem Fields and Kirby Brewster. Kirby is in charge of Public Relations and reviewing any paperwork or emails before they're sent out and Akeem helps me with Promotion, Marketing, and Event Planning.

G.S. Ok, Ok, Ok, so I have seen the tee shirts! They are crazy! Lets talk about the clothing line! Concrete Heavens, can you break that down for me?

ASHANI: Concrete Heavens, is a Project that BarrelHouseBKLYN started in conjunction with an artist named Victor James. It is a street wear/lifestyle brand that draws heavy inspiration from the hustle and grind of New York City. Our slogan is: "Non Semper Erit Aestas," which means it will not always be summer. Basically meaning that things will not always be great on the road to success. There WILL be obstacles and struggles as you proceed. So be prepared for the grind, and be prepared to persevere. And that is Concrete Heavens!

G.S.- that is dope! I’m too excited right now!! That whole mission statement is crazy! Who has a mission statement for their clothing line? BarrelHouseBKLYN does! So Ashani if we can, lets briefly talk politics! How hard has it been trying to bring BarrelHouseBKLYN to life?

ASHANI: Honestly, trying to satisfy everybody. I've disappointed people. I've inspired people. I've motivated people. But I have to realize that not everybody is going to be supportive of what I'm trying to do and the best way to counter than is to always believe in yourself. That this is your life to live. So live it the way that makes you the happiest and the most content.

G.S.- and the dopeness continues man! Ok, so lastly Ashani, before we wrap up…Why the emphasis on Brooklyn? Concrete Heaven, kind of like Concrete Jungle, What’s the parallel for the people that want to know?

ASHANI: Brooklyn is a major influence on what BarrelHouse is! I currently reside in Queens, but I went to school in Brooklyn my entire life. All my rights of passage moments have occurred in Brooklyn. There is a certain swagger, presence, and demeanor that Brooklyn has that is unlike any place in the world. Just Spread Love, it's the Brooklyn Way!

Clearly the stars are in the future for this young entrepreneur and on behalf of the G.SPOT, I would like to fully endorse his hustle. It’s not too many youth in the world today doing at least half of what Ashani has done in the past year.

If you want to know more about BarrelHouseBKLYN or his incredible new clothing line, Concrete Heavens, click here!

Gabby Sidibe is "NOT PRECIOUS!!

Hey Guys!!
So I have been gone for a minute....I know, I know you hate me and I'm a skit blogger! lol..Get Over It!!! The point is that I'm back!!

I don't know if any of you saw it, but "Precious" star, Gabourey Sidibe appeared on Saturday Night Live, last night to let the world know that well she isn't Precious. This was a great move on Gabby's camp to show a different side to her. I actually think she is funny...maybe you will to...Let Me Know What You Think...

I Can Dig It!

GOoD DaY My FAiR bLOggERs!!

So wE aLL knOW his OldER brOther has tRIEd tO bReak IntO thE GaME....and is StIll tRYing...
bUT LetS See WHAT kID BrOTher DiggY Has GOt TO aDD tO THE sIMMONs LegAcY!!

yEAH Im TaLKIng BOUT DIggY SImMOnS!! CHEcK OUT HIs FreeStyLE OvER NAS' "MAde You Look"

QuITe THe PoPPin Kid!!..I dOn'T knOw AbOut THE CuRSIng..But I GUEsS hE cAN SLIDe....
I wOnDEr WHatS GOnnA bE RussY's tHIng?!!

Diggy - Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid) from Diggy Simmons on Vimeo.

"iM a fAsHIOn N*****, Here's a New LOoK?" hahahaha

wHAT'S thE mOve GuyS?!

YEstERday, The OnE knOWn As GaGa reLeased HEr HIgLY ANTIcIPated VIdeO fOR "TeLEPhonE" FeatUring BeyOnCE.

I dON'T knOw qUIte What THIS VIdEO is sUppOsed TO be...BUt It's KIndA COOl, I gUEss LOL!!

Keyshia Cole Has Something To Smile About


Keyshia Cole and Fiance Daniel Gibson of The Cleveland Cavaliers has welcomed their new baby boy Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. into the world! The baby was born last night at 11:54 weighing in at 7lbs 3.oz!

BFF Monica also tweeted about the birth:

Congratz to Keyshia and Daniel!!

Teyana Free's Herself

Hey Guys!!

Remember when I reported that teen sensation and Pharell's Protege young Teyana Taylor had pipes???.....well yeah! I was right!
I have the proof! She recorded this on her youtube page this morning!

Check iT Out!!

South Africa's Favorite Idol

hEy GUyS!!

So normally I am not one to laugh at people...(cricket, cricket) but I couldnt control myself!! Literally I am in tears now!! I cant breathe because I am on the floor cracking up!

Watch to see what happen in a recent audition for American Idol:South Africa

Side Note: please watch until the end!! lol

WhAT DID You ThinK?!!
LeavE cOmmeNTs beLOW!

Beyonce, Solange, and Baby Nixon Makes 3

Attention Ladies and Gentleman!!!

A couple of months ago a woman accused Matthew Knowles, father of music superstar Beyonce Knowles, of being the father of her unborn son....

Well Guys Baby Nixon is here and yesterday an L.A Judge ordered Papa Knowles to pay Alexandra Wright $8,200 a month for the new baby and $20,750 just for the month of January alone.

Knowles has yet to accept or deny the new baby, but did give Ms. Wright 10,000 for her baby expenses.

A DNA Paternity Test Has Been Set For March 1st.

I'll Keep You Posted...

But this is Crazy!!!!
LEaVe YOur ResPonSes BELOW!!!

C Breezy is giving a lot of "SEX" this V-Day

WasSUp Guys!!!

So Chris Breezy is back!! His new mixtape, " In My Zone(Rythm & Streets) dropped today and honestly...all I can say is round of applause to Chris! His new valentines day themed album shows a much more mature side of the teen superstar that female fans have only fantasized about. With songs like Sex, Invented Head and Back Out..Chris Breezy isn't ashamed to let the world know that he isnt little and that he can play like the big boys do.

This album ultimately isn't the normal Chris Brown treatment. He isn't calling you from down the block screaming, "Yo" but he is pushing you against the wall and taking you to unforseen places. He is establishing himself as a young man who has sex, and occasionally raps while In His Zone. He still has fun and youthful arrangements but is screaming to the industry that he is no little boy. What do you think?!

Hit Or Miss?!
...check it out for yourself!!!

In My Zone(Rthym & Streets)

Happy Valentines Day: Flashback!


SUP GUys!!
As YOu KnOW TOday is Valentine' Day 2010 and I hope that everybody is spending it with someone that they love!! Unfortunately I am spending this Valentines Day alone..well not really..with the close friends I love and so I guess I am not alone...

AnyWhO! the VId BelOw is pretty cool! its a close friend of mine Shaccara Rogers who is in a band called GWN!!
If you like what you heard you can check them out here and here and here!!!


p.s - excuse that last "wooo" it was a little off!! hahaha

Bobby V. wishes he was "Anonymous" Now

SUp GUys!
BobBy V. is among the latest star to have naked pics of themselves released by an ex or as a P.R stunt! Supposedly Bobby V. has been having issues with his ex who will remain "Anonymous" but she definitely will have the last laugh now...or will she?!

Check the Pics Out Here...Via our boy Freddy O

Happy Birthday Brandy and Kelly!


Join Me In Wishing Brandy and Kelly Rowland a very Happy Birthday!! Kelly Rowland just turned 29 on February 11th and Ms. B Rocka herself will turn 30 on February 17th!!

Check Out The Pics from Brandy's Birthday Party This Past Weekend

Stars Team Up For Haiti

GUyS! whaT's ShaKin!!

So some of your favorite stars have teamed up to help Haiti yet again! Quincy Jones headed the powerful remake of "We are the World" to create something that only he could do! With stars such as Mary Mary, Kanye West, Wyclef Jean, Lil Wayne, Pink, Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxtion, Trey Songz, Celine Dion, Usher, Justin Beiber, Jamie Foxx, Miley Cyrus and anybody else you would ever want to see hopes to give back to Haiti like never before. In the wake of 25th anniversary of the popular song featuring the late King of Pop, this remake is nothing short of amazing!

Check it Out!! Well worth the 8 minutes and change!!



WaS PoPPin Guys!!
So Rihanna released the video for "Rude Boy" off her latest LP "Rated R" and can I just say....tHAt bOdy GOt me ThinkIng Rude ThoughtS!!!

Before Watching:
1) Get Comfortable
2) Have a bottle of water close by
3) Have a towel in hand to wipe face

Now..Without further adue...lets see what Ms. Rihanna has learned from cousin Bey! (im just saying...)



I hope you all are as excited as I am!! Why? because today is Grammy Sunday!!! Yes I know!! Your waay too excited too!! LOL Well anyways I found this video and I thought it would be fitting because Beyonce is leading the pack tonight with a whomping 10 GRAMMY NOMINATIONS!!!!

I wish her and the other artist the best of luck.....but lets just find out what makes Beyonce so special...

Chris Brown "Invented Head"

WhatS gOOD?!!
So I'm BaCK with yEt ANotheR eXClusIve!! Ya Boy Chris Breezy is coming back with another one! YeaH... not another swing, but another album, well its actually a mixtape but what are the differences really?! The mixtape is set to be released on Valentines Day!! The 32- Song Mixtape will feature Chris doing some original tracks while also covering some of this past years sexiest songs. On it Chris Brown adds his own swerve to an raw remix of Trey Songz', "invented Sex" which he rightfully calls "Invented Head."

I can only imagine the floods of downloads this mixtape will get from every girl under 25 all across AMERICA!! haha!!
and with that said...WELCOME BACK C BrEEzY!!..I See YOu DaddY!! (Weezy Voice)

cOULd THis Be a HIt OR a MISs...LEt Me KnOw wHAt YOU tHInk?!!

If She Is There...Then I'm on Deck!!

WaSSup GUys!!
So there is really no need to go in to too much detail for this next post because the talent speakers for itself. I was checking out the YouTube page of The G Spot's favorite girl Miss Courtney Salter and well she continues to Be There for us musically! The Future of Music is Here..and Its real Salt-y!! ok so that was corny! but its 3 in the morning!! NEvertheleSs....before you click the play button below...have ur kLeenEx's near by...because she goes there....

WithOut Futher AdUE......

DoNT Front! I kNow yoUr BallinG yOUr eYes oUT rIghT NOw....ME tOO..Me toO....

Twinkle Twinkle Little Skye...

It’s not too often that are stars born, but then every once in a while the world gets lucky! Skylar “Skye” Townsend is definitely one for the books. Equipped with a rich vibrato, angelic sound, and a flawless face, Skye immediately becomes a timeless artist. She has a voice comparable to artist many years her senior and it doesn’t hurt that she is also the daughter of famed actor and director, Robert Townsend (Parent Hood). I recently caught up with the always kind 16 year old to discuss growing up in the industry, her love of music and plans for super stardom!

Check Out The Interview Below!

“G” Spot (G.S) - How long have you been singing?
Skye Townsend (S.T)- I began singing when I was three years old. I have always had a passion for entertaining and performing.

(G.S)- Who are your biggest inspirations?
(S.T)- I am incredibly inspired by Bob Marley, Nat King Cole and Beyonce :)

(G.S.) For those who don’t know, your father is Robert Townsend, what was life like growing up in the industry?

(S.T)- (Laughs) it was just like any other life style with a few twists. I had chores, went to school everyday, got spankings, pinched when I talked back (Laughs). I mean, many people assume that my life was this easy sheltered experience but it was also difficult to have a working father who had such a unique job. People were constantly in our business and things really got irritating when the divorce happened. I was very blessed to go places and meet people many never will so I have never taken any of the beautiful things for granted.

(G.S)- How has growing up in the industry effected the decisions you make today as a growing and maturing artist within the industry?

(S.T)- I think I have learned a TON about humility. People don't understand you wouldn't be 'balling' or rich without fans. Why treat them poorly?

(G.S)- What is the most important lesson your dad has taught you?

(S.T)- My dad has taught me to embrace my artistry. Be fearless. :]

(G.S)- What has been the hardest part about trying to get signed?

(S.T)- The hardest part was being a brand new artist with 0 exposure. At the time, I thought nothing could be better than signing a deal. After a little business education I realized a lot about strategy and the true definition of a record deal.

(G.S)- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

(S.T)- I see myself working. I am not sure of what exactly I will be doing but I hope to be successful and happy.

(G.S)- What artist would you love to work with?

(S.T)- I want to work with Beyonce, Kings of Leon, Solange, Wale, and Paramore.

(G.S)- If you could describe yourself musically, what is your sound?

(S.T)- I sing honest R&B/pop.

(G.S)- Were there people who didn’t believe in your dream? And if not, how important is the support of your family and friends in accomplishing your dreams?

(S.T)- I STILL struggle WITH somebody supporting me. You have to be your own number one fan. Nobody is going to want you to win more than you do.

(G.S)- Who’s album are you bumping right now?


(G.S)- What do you want others to gain from hearing your upcoming project?

(S.T)- I want them to recognize truth. Young artists don't really speak from the heart often.

(G.S.)- What’s the best part of recording to you?

(S.T)- Hearing the play back and feeling good about what I hear!

(G.S)- What do you think of the state of the music industry today, and how can you add to it or make it better?
S.T.)- I THINK THE BIZ SUCKS RIGHT NOW. I think I will fill a void of an honest black teen who says what's real instead of what people want to hear. I already know I will be controversial.

(G.S)- Seeing as you have gained a big following on YouTube, how has YouTube helped you in accomplishing your dreams, and what advice would you offer to someone trying to use YouTube as their springboard for success?

(S.T)- Hmmm, I never thought YouTube would spark so much attention but if you make good videos people will support. Many people get upset when their videos get terrible feedback. But YouTube is cut throat. There is no censor! People say how they feel or whatever they wanna say. If every comment on the video is negative, some true thinking may need to be considered. (Laughs)

There you have it folks! The truth from the “baddest little chick” herself. At 17 years old, Skye is humble, hungry, and pulling out all the breaks for her arrival on the music scene! You can check her out on her YouTube page, or you can Google her name in the search engine and be amazed at all this youngster has accomplished! If you don’t know her, I suggest you get acquainted, because Skye Townsend will soon be on an iPod near you!

I Can Do "Michael" All By Myself!

Sup Guys!!
So as the news quickly spread, the world wasn't too schocked to find out that Que of the r&b group Day 26 was no longer with the group! From fights on their popular show Making the Band 4, to media reports of riffs between the guys, it was only a matter of time before the guys split...

So Check Out....Que formely of Day 26 cover...Michael Jackson's Human Nature!!

What Do You Think?!


sup gUys!!
so I featured Victoria (YouTube Artist) a while ago and she has just gotten even betterr and better!!
Im definitely loving her vibratto, her control, and the strength of her voice!!

Hopefully I can get an interview with her soon!
She her out doing a cover of Chrisette Michelle's "Blame It On Me"

What Do you Think?!


Hey People!

R U ExCIteD?!!!...I AM!!



Dreams Do Come True

look at what I found..an old video of our beloved Lauryn Hill performing at the great Apollo Theater in my city..(NEW YORK!!) 

Lauryn was only 13 years old and well...Just See For Yourself!!
Check it Out!!

What Do You Think?!!

She did grow up to become a MULTIPLE GRAMMY award winner :)...FOLLOW UR DREAMS EVERYONE!!