Chris Brown "Invented Head"

WhatS gOOD?!!
So I'm BaCK with yEt ANotheR eXClusIve!! Ya Boy Chris Breezy is coming back with another one! YeaH... not another swing, but another album, well its actually a mixtape but what are the differences really?! The mixtape is set to be released on Valentines Day!! The 32- Song Mixtape will feature Chris doing some original tracks while also covering some of this past years sexiest songs. On it Chris Brown adds his own swerve to an raw remix of Trey Songz', "invented Sex" which he rightfully calls "Invented Head."

I can only imagine the floods of downloads this mixtape will get from every girl under 25 all across AMERICA!! haha!!
and with that said...WELCOME BACK C BrEEzY!!..I See YOu DaddY!! (Weezy Voice)

cOULd THis Be a HIt OR a MISs...LEt Me KnOw wHAt YOU tHInk?!!

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