Twinkle Twinkle Little Skye...

It’s not too often that are stars born, but then every once in a while the world gets lucky! Skylar “Skye” Townsend is definitely one for the books. Equipped with a rich vibrato, angelic sound, and a flawless face, Skye immediately becomes a timeless artist. She has a voice comparable to artist many years her senior and it doesn’t hurt that she is also the daughter of famed actor and director, Robert Townsend (Parent Hood). I recently caught up with the always kind 16 year old to discuss growing up in the industry, her love of music and plans for super stardom!

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“G” Spot (G.S) - How long have you been singing?
Skye Townsend (S.T)- I began singing when I was three years old. I have always had a passion for entertaining and performing.

(G.S)- Who are your biggest inspirations?
(S.T)- I am incredibly inspired by Bob Marley, Nat King Cole and Beyonce :)

(G.S.) For those who don’t know, your father is Robert Townsend, what was life like growing up in the industry?

(S.T)- (Laughs) it was just like any other life style with a few twists. I had chores, went to school everyday, got spankings, pinched when I talked back (Laughs). I mean, many people assume that my life was this easy sheltered experience but it was also difficult to have a working father who had such a unique job. People were constantly in our business and things really got irritating when the divorce happened. I was very blessed to go places and meet people many never will so I have never taken any of the beautiful things for granted.

(G.S)- How has growing up in the industry effected the decisions you make today as a growing and maturing artist within the industry?

(S.T)- I think I have learned a TON about humility. People don't understand you wouldn't be 'balling' or rich without fans. Why treat them poorly?

(G.S)- What is the most important lesson your dad has taught you?

(S.T)- My dad has taught me to embrace my artistry. Be fearless. :]

(G.S)- What has been the hardest part about trying to get signed?

(S.T)- The hardest part was being a brand new artist with 0 exposure. At the time, I thought nothing could be better than signing a deal. After a little business education I realized a lot about strategy and the true definition of a record deal.

(G.S)- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

(S.T)- I see myself working. I am not sure of what exactly I will be doing but I hope to be successful and happy.

(G.S)- What artist would you love to work with?

(S.T)- I want to work with Beyonce, Kings of Leon, Solange, Wale, and Paramore.

(G.S)- If you could describe yourself musically, what is your sound?

(S.T)- I sing honest R&B/pop.

(G.S)- Were there people who didn’t believe in your dream? And if not, how important is the support of your family and friends in accomplishing your dreams?

(S.T)- I STILL struggle WITH somebody supporting me. You have to be your own number one fan. Nobody is going to want you to win more than you do.

(G.S)- Who’s album are you bumping right now?


(G.S)- What do you want others to gain from hearing your upcoming project?

(S.T)- I want them to recognize truth. Young artists don't really speak from the heart often.

(G.S.)- What’s the best part of recording to you?

(S.T)- Hearing the play back and feeling good about what I hear!

(G.S)- What do you think of the state of the music industry today, and how can you add to it or make it better?
S.T.)- I THINK THE BIZ SUCKS RIGHT NOW. I think I will fill a void of an honest black teen who says what's real instead of what people want to hear. I already know I will be controversial.

(G.S)- Seeing as you have gained a big following on YouTube, how has YouTube helped you in accomplishing your dreams, and what advice would you offer to someone trying to use YouTube as their springboard for success?

(S.T)- Hmmm, I never thought YouTube would spark so much attention but if you make good videos people will support. Many people get upset when their videos get terrible feedback. But YouTube is cut throat. There is no censor! People say how they feel or whatever they wanna say. If every comment on the video is negative, some true thinking may need to be considered. (Laughs)

There you have it folks! The truth from the “baddest little chick” herself. At 17 years old, Skye is humble, hungry, and pulling out all the breaks for her arrival on the music scene! You can check her out on her YouTube page, or you can Google her name in the search engine and be amazed at all this youngster has accomplished! If you don’t know her, I suggest you get acquainted, because Skye Townsend will soon be on an iPod near you!

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