Fans Say "EGO" Is Too Big For Creativity

What is going on?! ITs memorial day weekend..and you know what that means?!!
COOK OUTS!! hahaha
Im just fat..i know i know..but on to the point of the post..
So the Queen is the Queen right?
Well some fans and non supporters are saying Queen B is just too predictable.

Beyonce's new video for "Ego" which was released on her website is similar to her Chart topping single "Single Ladies" from her latest LP "I AM..Sasha Fierce"
In the new video, the singer dances to well choreographed...and I repeat..WELL CHOREOGRAPHED dance moves and is SEXIER than EVER!!

I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU...but Ms. Carter seems to get better with age...

What do you think?!!

Epiphany[Update 1]

Sup BlogGers/Friends!
How is your day going? I hope that it is going always I expect for you to be making the best of it and making it rather productive!
Whatever it is we want..WE have to go get..WE have to accomplish..and We have to make it happen!!
With those few words of inspiration..I challenge you to be the best you..that you can be..and I challenge to create a to do list..of short term and long term I am today..and I empower you to cross goals of your list you accomplish them!

You Ready?......GO!

Many of you know..if you follow my blog, that I have so many different goals and dreams and I dont know how each of them in particular will get accomplished..but they will. Some of you also know that I applied to be a T-Howard Intern, that I applied to American Eagle Outfitters last week, and I am letting you all know, that I have signed up to be a NY CARES Volunter! and so...T-Howard finally contacted me, and I may if all goes as planned be an ON-Air Production Intern for Rainbow Media!! That is freakin fantastic..why? becuase Rainbow Media is an awesome company which is a branch of Cablevision, and AMC channel, WE channel, IFC, Sundance Films, they are an Umbrella Company for sooo many TV shows, and channels and I am soo super excited! LOL..MAybe while I'm there I can further pursue my acting career through a friend of a friend..You know how networking is key! PRAY FOR ME GUYS!!!

NExt order of business is....AMERICAN EAGLE CALLED ME BACK AND I HAVE AN INTERVIEW TOMORROW!!![5/18] YES!!! YES!! YES!! I need this job, I need everything to work out..I need results lol!
I'll let you guys know how everything went tomorrow..I'll definitely sign in and update you guys on my progress! Do jobs normally let you know right in the interview if you are hired?..IDK but i would hope so! :)

Hmm What else did i want to update you on??? Oh! ok! I remembered...
I am still looking for free acting classes, some acting roles..and so we will see...
KEep your ears and eyes open..and your fingers crossed!!

Wanna talk to me...
share ideas and such..
let me know of Acting Jobs, Classes..Whatever..hit me up on Twitter or Facebook:

George on Twitter
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LEts Make History GuyS!

A Fight No One Wants To Fight

Hey Bloggers!
I just watched the TV special, Farrah's Story..documenting the TV Star's current battle with Malignant Anal Cancer. I'm terribly saddened by the documentary, yet I'm grateful for her efforts to show how Cancer effects the body, the mind, and the soul. I'm also happy that through her pain she is desperately trying to get the word out and hopefully a cause for change.

The effects of Cancer are devastating, and if you don't know someone with it, its effects are not as penetrating as others would assume. Having just watched the video, I feel so grief stricken that someone, that human beings have to go through such circumstances such as cancer. I think, like most terminal diseases, the effects are never as profound as the numbers of people living with them because like myself most people are oblivious to its look. And for most, there is no "look." It just lives. It lives dormant in the body, and it spreads and it effects you organs, and your soul, and the friends and family around you.

The fight against Cancer is a lonely one, and it makes me wonder with all the money the U.S. has why aren't there more answers, more efficient medicine, more help!
In the documentary Farrah Fawcett traveled to Germany alot, and worked with doctors there as well as with doctors in LA at UCLA for treatment and alternative treatments, and the doctors in Germany were able to offer her better methods of treatment which worked for sometime before her cancer returned. Why aren't those methods here?

Regardless of the answers to the questions I just asked, the fact remains the same. The fact that ever day someone is newly diagnosed with Cancer and there is no cure. No cure for their heart ache, no cure for their pain, and no cure to assure them a tomorrow. So what do we do? Do we give up? Not a chance! We fight harder. We fight harder to cure our friends, our families,and our role models, of all these terminal diseases that they cant beat alone. We ask for help, and we raise awareness. We demand research be done, we educate our children, we inspire hope, and we work for change.

Farrah Fawcett is not the only American who has been diagnosed with the disease. She is one of million. My heart goes out to all of those living with the disease, whom has passed from the disease, and to the relatives and friends who have someone in either situation. I hope that the a cure is found soon for the disease which has stricken so many..and I will continue to help spread awareness to those who don't know..until a cure or phenomenal treatment is found!

If you would like to donate to the American Cancer Society, click below:
Help the Cause Now

Take Care,

Clips of The Charlie's Angel Star
[Courtesy of YouTube]

Bread Isn't just for the Birds Anymore

NOw I know that I'm not the biggest hip hop fanatic, or rap head you have ever seen, but...I always give credit where credit is due!

So, I home from school, where I have been deprived of television for like 10 months lol, and I'm watching BET's 106 and Park and guess who is on the show...New comer, and white rapper, Asher Roth. Now wait wait..before you laugh..Let me just say Asher Roth is the truth!

Not only is he talented WHICH HE IS! If you haven't heard his new debut album "Asleep in the Bread Aisle" you need to get it! But He also is exremely articulate, and he is a conscious person spreading awarness aboutchild obesity!..which he spit a BLAZING rap about on 106!!

His appearence on 106 and Park[5/15] was a good move, because it gave the world a different side of him! And I like it!

Asher Roth..Not just a one hit wonder..but a star in the making!!

Asleep in the Bread Aisle...GO GET IT! NOW!..NOT TOMORROW TODAY!!!

Video:Be Myself Ft. Cee-Lo [New Single]
Courtesy of [Youtube]

Your Beautiful!

Whats goin on!
How is everyone?!

I'm doing ok, I'm under the weather I put myself on bed rest lol. Anyways..I got a job interview on Monday with American Eagle, so I hope all goes well!! I'll probably be the only African American in the interview lol.
Whatever the ratio..I'm gonna kill it yall! Just watch!

So on to the point of this post.. Basically I'm here to give a shout all the full figured women everywhere!! There is often such a negative stereotype surrounding the full figured women..and I'm here to say yall got this ladies!!

Whether you love Mo'Nique, Beyonce, Aretha[lol], or Jennifer..
The Full figured women is here to stay..and more beautiful than ever!!
Check out J-Hud's new video..and see just what I'm talking about!!

If this isn't love- Jennifer Hudson

I'll Google Her Now!

Wassup Guys..
So not completely aborting my journalist side, I must report on good music and good singers that just move my soul!! Period!!
Its a calling I swear I have an ear for talent...Don't u think?!
I mean I called Priscilla Renea years ago! Lol NOW Look at her.Bling Bling!

Anyway..Pharell's young female protege Teyana Taylor..came out with a song a few years ago.."google me"..ok if u don't know it...Ur not a fault..the song didn't blow didn't do well and so she has been out of the public eye..except for a few appearances here and there..but I'm sure she was grinding in the studio all the while!

She has been trying to rap..and I've heard that she could sing as well..but never have I witnessed it!!
NOW I have!! She can Blow!![no pun intended] I really think she should try her hand at singing first and incorporate rapping second hand!!

Anyway let me know what you think!
If you didn't google her definitely should now!!


Sup BloggERs!!
Its Been soo Long! i know! but I've been working hard[finals & such]! and I am proud to announce that freshman year is done! I am done with the A-building..done with the caff at least until next semester...and DONE WITH SHIFFERT and AMATI!!

Note to all the HS seniors..DON'T TAKE US HISTORY LOL OR CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY in college!!

But anyways... much has changed for me since my last entry! I have much to talk about with you all and so ill make it quick...

Besides finishing school, I have cut my hair!! Lol don't ask me was a bold decision! but u know what...i like it!...
Its fresh, it's clean, its light, it's manageable, and most of all....

Next order of business!
I have changed my focus a little lol.
I I know!! i want to act!!..I want to be on a series or in a movie!
Here is what I figure..
I'm charismatic, I enjoy making people laugh, I love to entertain, some might even assume that I like to be the center of attention..and whatever the's what I want..
It's always been something that I wanted to do but insecurities and fear has stepped in my way..but If i want it...i gotta go get it right? after ...I AM NOW CHANGING MY BLOG TO MY ROAD TO SUCCESS!!!

this summer I will definitely get some acting classes in and declare my acting minor when I get back to the Meccs[howard U..DUHH]:)

I have such big dreams you guys and I really wanna touch the stars in every way possible. I love the arts[music and acting] and I may not be able to sing lol but i want to be invovled. You ever have that passion in you..that fire that all the greats talk about..I I have it..I know I do..i just need an outlet for it..and I'm not sure if my fire has a specific color..if that makes sense but I know its brewing!..If you ever watch any interviews with celebs like Beyonce or Diddy, or anybody that has made it...they always talk about that "thing" that untapped, unknown thing that you feel when your doing what you love..and I wanna feel that..i wanna live that..i wanna know that! and the only way I know to even come close to experiencing that feeling is to just go out and do it!
That type of true happiness is so rare and I want to experience now and live it forever!
I think for the first time in my life..Im starting to acquire a new confidence, a new light to myself that is so attractive and engaging that it scares me! lol
..I'm listening to myself..I'm doing what I want and I'm guiding myself to my dreams!

if I have to scream it to the world..I WILL NOT LOSE..
IM DESTINED FOR GREATNESS..NOT Ur next Doorman on fifth ave or next convict or teen father or even your next door neighbor!!
Ur next mogul, activist, humanatiarian your next inspiration!!

My fire is burning man!!

Anyways, I gotta go learn some monologues or now [hahahaha]!!

love u guys,