Your Beautiful!

Whats goin on!
How is everyone?!

I'm doing ok, I'm under the weather I put myself on bed rest lol. Anyways..I got a job interview on Monday with American Eagle, so I hope all goes well!! I'll probably be the only African American in the interview lol.
Whatever the ratio..I'm gonna kill it yall! Just watch!

So on to the point of this post.. Basically I'm here to give a shout all the full figured women everywhere!! There is often such a negative stereotype surrounding the full figured women..and I'm here to say yall got this ladies!!

Whether you love Mo'Nique, Beyonce, Aretha[lol], or Jennifer..
The Full figured women is here to stay..and more beautiful than ever!!
Check out J-Hud's new video..and see just what I'm talking about!!

If this isn't love- Jennifer Hudson

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