Epiphany[Update 1]

Sup BlogGers/Friends!
How is your day going? I hope that it is going ok..as always I expect for you to be making the best of it and making it rather productive!
Whatever it is we want..WE have to go get..WE have to accomplish..and We have to make it happen!!
With those few words of inspiration..I challenge you to be the best you..that you can be..and I challenge to create a to do list..of short term and long term goals..like I am today..and I empower you to cross goals of your list periodically..as you accomplish them!

You Ready?......GO!

Many of you know..if you follow my blog, that I have so many different goals and dreams and I dont know how each of them in particular will get accomplished..but they will. Some of you also know that I applied to be a T-Howard Intern, that I applied to American Eagle Outfitters last week, and I am letting you all know, that I have signed up to be a NY CARES Volunter! and so...T-Howard finally contacted me, and I may if all goes as planned be an ON-Air Production Intern for Rainbow Media!! That is freakin fantastic..why? becuase Rainbow Media is an awesome company which is a branch of Cablevision, and AMC channel, WE channel, IFC, Sundance Films, they are an Umbrella Company for sooo many TV shows, and channels and I am soo super excited! LOL..MAybe while I'm there I can further pursue my acting career through a friend of a friend..You know how networking is key! PRAY FOR ME GUYS!!!

NExt order of business is....AMERICAN EAGLE CALLED ME BACK AND I HAVE AN INTERVIEW TOMORROW!!![5/18] YES!!! YES!! YES!! I need this job, I need everything to work out..I need results lol!
I'll let you guys know how everything went tomorrow..I'll definitely sign in and update you guys on my progress! Do jobs normally let you know right in the interview if you are hired?..IDK but i would hope so! :)

Hmm What else did i want to update you on??? Oh! ok! I remembered...
I am still looking for free acting classes, some acting roles..and so we will see...
KEep your ears and eyes open..and your fingers crossed!!

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share ideas and such..
let me know of Acting Jobs, Classes..Whatever..hit me up on Twitter or Facebook:

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LEts Make History GuyS!

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