Sup BloggERs!!
Its Been soo Long! i know! but I've been working hard[finals & such]! and I am proud to announce that freshman year is done! I am done with the A-building..done with the caff at least until next semester...and DONE WITH SHIFFERT and AMATI!!

Note to all the HS seniors..DON'T TAKE US HISTORY LOL OR CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY in college!!

But anyways... much has changed for me since my last entry! I have much to talk about with you all and so ill make it quick...

Besides finishing school, I have cut my hair!! Lol don't ask me why..it was a bold decision! but u know what...i like it!...
Its fresh, it's clean, its light, it's manageable, and most of all....

Next order of business!
I have changed my focus a little lol.
I think..no I know!! i want to act!!..I want to be on a series or in a movie!
Here is what I figure..
I'm charismatic, I enjoy making people laugh, I love to entertain, some might even assume that I like to be the center of attention..and whatever the cause..it's what I want..
It's always been something that I wanted to do but insecurities and fear has stepped in my way..but If i want it...i gotta go get it right?

this summer I will definitely get some acting classes in and declare my acting minor when I get back to the Meccs[howard U..DUHH]:)

I have such big dreams you guys and I really wanna touch the stars in every way possible. I love the arts[music and acting] and I may not be able to sing lol but i want to be invovled. You ever have that passion in you..that fire that all the greats talk about..I I have it..I know I do..i just need an outlet for it..and I'm not sure if my fire has a specific color..if that makes sense but I know its brewing!..If you ever watch any interviews with celebs like Beyonce or Diddy, or anybody that has made it...they always talk about that "thing" that untapped, unknown thing that you feel when your doing what you love..and I wanna feel that..i wanna live that..i wanna know that! and the only way I know to even come close to experiencing that feeling is to just go out and do it!
That type of true happiness is so rare and I want to experience now and live it forever!
I think for the first time in my life..Im starting to acquire a new confidence, a new light to myself that is so attractive and engaging that it scares me! lol
..I'm listening to myself..I'm doing what I want and I'm guiding myself to my dreams!

if I have to scream it to the world..I WILL NOT LOSE..
IM DESTINED FOR GREATNESS..NOT Ur next Doorman on fifth ave or next convict or teen father or even your next door neighbor!!
Ur next mogul, activist, humanatiarian your next inspiration!!

My fire is burning man!!

Anyways, I gotta go learn some monologues or now [hahahaha]!!

love u guys,

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