I'll Google Her Now!

Wassup Guys..
So not completely aborting my journalist side, I must report on good music and good singers that just move my soul!! Period!!
Its a calling I swear I have an ear for talent...Don't u think?!
I mean I called Priscilla Renea years ago! Lol NOW Look at her.Bling Bling!

Anyway..Pharell's young female protege Teyana Taylor..came out with a song a few years ago.."google me"..ok if u don't know it...Ur not a fault..the song didn't blow up...it didn't do well and so she has been out of the public eye..except for a few appearances here and there..but I'm sure she was grinding in the studio all the while!

She has been trying to rap..and I've heard that she could sing as well..but never have I witnessed it!!
NOW I have!! She can Blow!![no pun intended] I really think she should try her hand at singing first and incorporate rapping second hand!!

Anyway let me know what you think!
If you didn't google her before...you definitely should now!!

1 comment:

Stassi X. said...

ok.. why on EARTH would she put singing second?? she was amazing forreal