Fans Say "EGO" Is Too Big For Creativity

What is going on?! ITs memorial day weekend..and you know what that means?!!
COOK OUTS!! hahaha
Im just fat..i know i know..but on to the point of the post..
So the Queen is the Queen right?
Well some fans and non supporters are saying Queen B is just too predictable.

Beyonce's new video for "Ego" which was released on her website is similar to her Chart topping single "Single Ladies" from her latest LP "I AM..Sasha Fierce"
In the new video, the singer dances to well choreographed...and I repeat..WELL CHOREOGRAPHED dance moves and is SEXIER than EVER!!

I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU...but Ms. Carter seems to get better with age...

What do you think?!!

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