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Turkey Pondering!

Hmmm. Well i hope you guys all enjoyed your thanksgiving! I did sort-of [laughs]. I stayed with my sister this year, who lives in ann arbor michigan at the moment. It was different, to say the least. Im there now as I write this....Anyways, I'm really excited because I have been informed of a website which posts exclusive magazine internships!! =) I'm ready to skip school next semester and apply for the spring internships[laughs]. All is'nt lost though! They will post summer internships soon... and then I will be on my way! I just have to get one! Its really not even an option,,its what has to happen! >=(...Moving on, I re-did my resume and will be working on cover letters all week to send to magazines so pray for me!! Besides that nothing else is really going on in my life..oh it snowed in Michigan today so that's exciting! I wish it would snow in Brooklyn!!..come on government..just press the button! lol... Speaking of snow..tomorrow is DEC 1st. anybody knows what that means?......CHRISMTAS IS COMING!!..and who love christmas??? I DO I DO I DO OOOOO lol.....

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Howard or Harvard: You Decide
By: George Chapman

When I grow up, I wanna go to Yale, I wanna go to Princeton, I wanna go to Howard? Not exactly the lyrics to the Pussy Cat Doll’s hit single but you get my drift. If asked which school did not belong, you probably would have said Howard. Unfortunately Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) are often not viewed as equal or remotely close to the caliber of predominantly Caucasian schools. Despite it’s often lacking reputation, the success rates of HBCU alumni are soaring, and the choice of whether or not to attend on the of these similarly elite institutions become deduced to which university has better weather.

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, for some, the choice to attend college is unanimous; you can’t. For other’s the clich├ęd Ivy League schools have been hammered in your brain since you can remember. As I recall, I could always remember teachers reiterating to my classmates and I that if ever we dreamed of getting into one of the prestigious ivy leagues that the scores we got on our SAT’s and in eleventh grade were the defining factors for acceptance. Likewise, when I would return from school, my mother and a slew of older adults would overwhelm me with flashcards, essay practices, and math drills. The chaos over such schools made me a bit repulsed by the whole idea. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I realized the capabilities of an HBCU, and why exactly I would attend one in the fall of 2008.

My high school was far unlike any other high school you could imagine. So intricately interwoven with black history, black empowerment and black culture it was if I attended school with such leaders as Martin, Malcolm, and Harriet. Needless to say, my teachers emphasized black contributions to civilization, in any and all forms. One which sticks out considerably was a global history lesson in which the history of the alphabet was being recounted. As told in the history book the first traces of what is now known as the alphabet began in Europe. Included in the section about the alphabet was a chart which included pictures and the contributors of the modern alphabet. Unimpressed with the lack of inquisitiveness among my classmates my teacher then passed out a class set of work sheets. On the work sheets was the chart that we had reviewed in the history book, but something was different. The new chart had a beginning that dated centuries before the European adaptation of the alphabet. It had a beginning which credited the ancient civilization of Kemet, of present day Egypt for the development of the alphabet. It was shocking to the class of 15 yr. olds that we had indeed been deceived; the makers of our history books had undoubtedly cut out a huge part of a people’s history! How many times have we been lied to about the contributions of African Americans to society and if about this, than what else??

Ultimately, history or rather his-story can be very different depending on the story teller. Often stated, but remarkably accurate, if you want something done right, you must do it yourself. As I learned about the plethora of contributions made by a shunned nation, I craved more. Resultantly my decision to attend an HBCU became inevitable and thus the most difficult decision became online or printed applications?

What's Buzzing on Campus?

Turkey Day Not For Everybody..or Is It?
By: George Chapman

Thanksgiving, a time of reflection and remembrance can mean something different for each student on campus. For some freshman, it’s the first time that they have seen their parents since move in day, for others it’s the time to go home and eat the well deserved meal that Blackburn doesn’t always supply, and then there are some students who stay on campus because they never celebrate America’s favorite holiday. For the students who were not raised in the land of the free, the November tradition may be as unfamiliar as your grandmother’s egg nog.

In public school, the story of the first thanksgiving is explained like one of Dr. Seuss’ original children’s tales. When Christopher Columbus stumbled upon America, the Native Americans, Columbus, and his boat load of crew ate together as one, symbolizing the first thanksgiving. Sadly, some aspects of history uncovered that the first thanksgiving wasn’t as joyous as first portrayed. On his reasons for not celebrating thanksgiving, freshman, broadcast journalism major, and Memphis native, Robert Seymour expressed, “Thanksgiving is a pagan holiday! The story we have all been told as kids is bull! We should all know now that when Christopher Columbus came to America he was not friends with the Indians, there was no great feast, like they basically took their stuff, and they ate to celebrate what they did.” He continued on to say, “Black people turned the idea of thanksgiving into something completely different from its real meaning, it has become a holiday where we give thanks for each other, and being grateful for what god has given us.”

David Jackson, freshman, film production major, and Bronx, New York native, chimed in “Yeah I don’t think anybody celebrates it in that case. I think black people have changed it so much where it’s become a celebration of family, and life, and enjoying each other’s company.” Many other students like freshman, Bianca Garwood, commented, “Who doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving? I don’t think people celebrate thanksgiving for its true meaning, but I think people use it as a time to show thanks and gratitude for whatever it is they are thankful for, and for that I think everybody should celebrate thanksgiving.”

On his thanksgiving activities Robert explained, “I may not have a traditional thanksgiving, but some aspects of the holiday I do hold on to.” He continued, “Being away from home this year won’t be any different from past years, being on campus, I probably will hang out with friends and go out and have fun, maybe go out to eat at night.”

Needless to say thanksgiving has become a favorite holiday for many and the freedom to celebrate it or not is optional. In many areas of the country the rush to get the perfect turkey has already began, and for others the race will never start. Despite the beliefs of the individual the students on Howard’s campus seem to unanimously agree that whatever it is they decide to do it will be surrounding their family and friends. The traditional story of thanksgiving seems to no longer be relevant, but rather it has become what you make it.

What's Buzzing on Campus?

If These Dorms Could Talk
By: George Chapman Jr.

The dorms of Howard University not only house its diverse student body, but for years have helped create a platform for the array of myths and rumors associated with many of the structures. Many passed down from class to class, the myths and stereotypes of the different dorms add zest to the yard, conversations to lunch tables, and may even divide students whose pride for their dormitory is like no other. In the eve of the University’s spring “Res-Fest,” the rumors concerning each dorm have reached all time highs, thus everyone wants to know what really happens beyond the lobby!
The Quad, home of the majority of freshman females has gotten an infamous rep for their widely known "Booty Wall." The negative connotation of the booty wall has been that the mini wall surrounding the Quad's entrance acts as a meeting spot for more than studying and spades games. “Now it’s cold, and the lobby is warm and safe, so no one stays outside, but during freshman week[booty wall] its used to socialize, not to get picked up,” says freshman computer science major Sydney Sears. On the residents of the Quad being promiscuous, and “easy,” freshman broadcast journalism major Alyssa McLendon responded, “Not true! the quad girls are just more fun and more sociable and guys love the quad because it’s more comfy, the annex is like a library!” The Resident Assistants of the Quad chose not to comment on the myths, but 2008’s Ms. Quad, freshman Broadcast Journalism major Fredericka Ransom, believes “it’s a travesty, its insensitive and highly inconsiderate.”

Directly down the street is the Bethune Annex, a diverse dormitory which houses the many classifications of Howard females. Unlike the Quad, the Annex is often referred to as the snobbish, and anti-social all female dorm. “We are not stuck up! We are just a little more reserved, but we still hang out,” commented freshman radio, tv, and film major Diandra Davidson.” Sophomore, political science major and annex RA, Olivia Robinson, elaborated on the myth offering, “The Annex is not anti-social and we are not stuck up! We just have more amenities and are set up differently we are not as intimate as the quad but we are still as social. The girls on my floor are never in their rooms. They communicate with each other! They may not be in each other’s room as much as the quad, but maybe that aspect is just a quad thing.”

Somewhat different from their female counterparts is the co-ed dormitory, Meridian. In recent years, Meridian has been dubbed the ebony sex palace. Like many of the other myths and rumors associated with the University’s vast amount of dorms, the newly named m.dot, is a two sided debate. It has been said that at any given time there can be moans and squeaking bed noises heard from any one particular room.“That’s funny, but it’s not true! That is way overrated. People party and have sex yes, but it’s just because it's co ed. They are gonna do what they do. I mean many of them are upper classmen; they’re grown,” thought sophomore biology major, Brandy Hall. Agreeably, freshman biology major, and fellow sex palace resident Tallas Saunders, chimed in, “Honestly this is a co-ed dorm and it happens to be filled with sexy black people, so when duty calls they handle their biz.” He continued, noting “I’ve heard squeaking beds before, unfortunately no moans to go along with it (laughs), but as far as where it takes place I can’t really disclose that info.”

Similar to their fellow off campus “howardites” the men of Carver Hall have developed quite a name for themselves as well. From a slew of past residents, the stereotype of Carver Hall has been all but polished. Aside from being negatively compared to their brothers in Drew Hall, the guys in Carver have been labeled homosexual. Not surprisingly, the brothers of Carver, like all the dorms who have developed a stereotype, have something to say about their buzz on campus. “The stereotype that Carver Hall houses a lot of homosexuals was formed based on past years at Howard University and Carver Hall gets new residents every school year so to pass the stereotype on a dorm that isn’t even consistently the same each year is ignorance beyond stupidity,” and when asked if the stereotype affected him, freshman political science and sociology double major Dominic Spencer continued, “No! its just reminds of a line in a rap song, BIG UP'S TO ALL MY HATERS!.”

At Howard University, the diversity amongst its students is like no other, and the ability for each student to grow from their interactions with one another is something in which this elite campus was founded on. As each year continues and the myths and stereotypes of the different dorms change, the legacy of the residents and their contributions to Howard’s campus are everlasting.

Sounds of Autumn

Artist: Beyonce
Label: Music World/ Columbia Records
My Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope...It’s Sasha! Beyonce’s third solo project I AM…SASHA FIERCE proves that two is definitely better than one. Her latest project for which the former Destiny’s Child star reportedly recorded over 70 songs takes the singer’s possibility of schizophrenia to a new phenomenon. The two-disc CD separates the singer’s alter ego Sasha, now known as Sasha Fierce from the shy and very private Beyonce Knowles.

Her first single, If I Were a Boy, a strong pop ballad, examines what would happen if women could indeed be men. The song begins with the singers’ contemplation of wanting to be a boy, ultimately assuming the role of a man. Not soon enough, the woman switches perspectives, as she assumes the role of herself. Firm and unapologetic, she utters before the song’s end, “Your just a boy,” emphasizing her disapproval of his actions. Her second single, “Single Ladies,” has become an anthem for women all over, like many of the superstars other hits. In the video for the second single, the bootylicious performer completes an entire tantalizing dance routine, which has caused a YouTube craze since its debut. Teasing audiences with suggestive lyrics, and pointing to the ring on her ring finger, she indirectly makes reference to her marriage to rapper Jay-Z. Smiling and waving her hand, the singer chants, “If you liked it then you should of put a ring on it.” I AM… offers a side to Beyonce that the artist has never revealed until now. Exclaiming her love, her past loss, and her fears, I AM...has become a personal diary in itself. “Broken Hearted Girl”, another ballad on the album, enables Beyonce to strip back even more of herself and allow listeners to connect with her, and feel the pain which she expresses through the lyrics, “I don’t want to be without you babe/ I don’t want to play that part/ I don’t want to be a broken hearted girl.”

Her long awaited, sexy, street savvy and un-prohibited alter ego Sasha Fierce makes the new LP one of her best. On the Sasha Fierce side of the dual disc CD, Beyonce is allowed to become a trash talking, highly confident, untouchable spectrum reminiscent of her husband, rap mogul Sean Carter. Ego, possibly the most controversial track on the SASHA FIERCE portion of the album, proposes that’s it’s ok to have a big ego amongst other things. It’s almost sexually suggestive lyrics “ It’s too big, it’s too wide, it’s too strong, it won’t fit ,”could have easily had a parental advisory sticker placed on the albums cover, as Sasha often blatantly expresses her needs and wants through this portion of the project. Another potent track, “Diva,” has a commanding rap feel which gets partnered with a cocky “swag,” has a similar sound to one of this year’s biggest rap songs, “A Millie” by rapper Lil Wayne. Nonetheless Beyonce’s other half is a slick, boasting force to be reckoned with. With lyrics like, “I been the number one diva in this game for a minute, “and “Take you to another level no passengers on my plane, Sasha lets the world know that she has arrived, and doesn’t plan on bowing down anytime soon!
- gEoRGe