Sounds of Autumn

Artist: Beyonce
Label: Music World/ Columbia Records
My Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope...It’s Sasha! Beyonce’s third solo project I AM…SASHA FIERCE proves that two is definitely better than one. Her latest project for which the former Destiny’s Child star reportedly recorded over 70 songs takes the singer’s possibility of schizophrenia to a new phenomenon. The two-disc CD separates the singer’s alter ego Sasha, now known as Sasha Fierce from the shy and very private Beyonce Knowles.

Her first single, If I Were a Boy, a strong pop ballad, examines what would happen if women could indeed be men. The song begins with the singers’ contemplation of wanting to be a boy, ultimately assuming the role of a man. Not soon enough, the woman switches perspectives, as she assumes the role of herself. Firm and unapologetic, she utters before the song’s end, “Your just a boy,” emphasizing her disapproval of his actions. Her second single, “Single Ladies,” has become an anthem for women all over, like many of the superstars other hits. In the video for the second single, the bootylicious performer completes an entire tantalizing dance routine, which has caused a YouTube craze since its debut. Teasing audiences with suggestive lyrics, and pointing to the ring on her ring finger, she indirectly makes reference to her marriage to rapper Jay-Z. Smiling and waving her hand, the singer chants, “If you liked it then you should of put a ring on it.” I AM… offers a side to Beyonce that the artist has never revealed until now. Exclaiming her love, her past loss, and her fears, I AM...has become a personal diary in itself. “Broken Hearted Girl”, another ballad on the album, enables Beyonce to strip back even more of herself and allow listeners to connect with her, and feel the pain which she expresses through the lyrics, “I don’t want to be without you babe/ I don’t want to play that part/ I don’t want to be a broken hearted girl.”

Her long awaited, sexy, street savvy and un-prohibited alter ego Sasha Fierce makes the new LP one of her best. On the Sasha Fierce side of the dual disc CD, Beyonce is allowed to become a trash talking, highly confident, untouchable spectrum reminiscent of her husband, rap mogul Sean Carter. Ego, possibly the most controversial track on the SASHA FIERCE portion of the album, proposes that’s it’s ok to have a big ego amongst other things. It’s almost sexually suggestive lyrics “ It’s too big, it’s too wide, it’s too strong, it won’t fit ,”could have easily had a parental advisory sticker placed on the albums cover, as Sasha often blatantly expresses her needs and wants through this portion of the project. Another potent track, “Diva,” has a commanding rap feel which gets partnered with a cocky “swag,” has a similar sound to one of this year’s biggest rap songs, “A Millie” by rapper Lil Wayne. Nonetheless Beyonce’s other half is a slick, boasting force to be reckoned with. With lyrics like, “I been the number one diva in this game for a minute, “and “Take you to another level no passengers on my plane, Sasha lets the world know that she has arrived, and doesn’t plan on bowing down anytime soon!
- gEoRGe

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