Turkey Pondering!

Hmmm. Well i hope you guys all enjoyed your thanksgiving! I did sort-of [laughs]. I stayed with my sister this year, who lives in ann arbor michigan at the moment. It was different, to say the least. Im there now as I write this....Anyways, I'm really excited because I have been informed of a website which posts exclusive magazine internships!! =) I'm ready to skip school next semester and apply for the spring internships[laughs]. All is'nt lost though! They will post summer internships soon... and then I will be on my way! I just have to get one! Its really not even an option,,its what has to happen! >=(...Moving on, I re-did my resume and will be working on cover letters all week to send to magazines so pray for me!! Besides that nothing else is really going on in my life..oh it snowed in Michigan today so that's exciting! I wish it would snow in Brooklyn!!..come on government..just press the button! lol... Speaking of snow..tomorrow is DEC 1st. anybody knows what that means?......CHRISMTAS IS COMING!!..and who love christmas??? I DO I DO I DO OOOOO lol.....

WelL thats all for nOw bLOGgerS!!
tAlk tO yOu sOon!

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