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sup bloggers...
this post is a lil random but while twittering on twitter...I discovered a twittee with a funny twit.

diddy might be a bad manager but he is pretty cool dad...

Check out these Celebs with their adorable kidS!
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Twitter Anyone?

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I Dreamed A Dream!

Sup bloggers..
Lets discuss dreams. We all have them, we all want them to eventually come to fruition, and secretly we all want the world to welcome them with open arms.
Well 47yr old, Susan Boyle dreams. She dreams big, she's been dreaming long, and she is dreaming of song! From the oddest place on earth to Britains version of America's got talent, Susan recently shared her dream to the world in need of your acceptace....

Check out the Vid below..and everything will make sense!!
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Hey Everyone,
this next post is dedicated to a cool kid, that I had the pleasure of knowing.
A jokester, a great dresser, and a friend to all..

The events are still being uncovered but...I wanted to take the time out to express my heartfelt condolences to his family and to all who knew him. I'm not too sure what everyone's lasting memory of him was...but I am certain that there is one that you hold dear...

Feel free to share stories..or memories you have had with him below

Rest In Peace...Chad Wilkins

Foxx may have said too much?!

So Here is the story...
Jamie Foxx has a radio show..I hope you all know on his radio show Jamie Foxx says some pretty messed up things about current Teen Idol Myley Cyrus?!
Him And his entourage persisted on attacking Cyrus because of her reaction to a dissed meeting with Radio Head[Music Legend]!

Listen Here:[Coutesy of Youtube]

Not that I care too much because it's obvious he was joking..
Do you guys think he was out of line?

Let Me Know?

Barack and Michelle Plus 3

Hey Guys!
So as you know, the Obama's finally got their new dog. No not a Dalmatian, or a Yorkie, or a Greyhound, as previously reported but a fluffy and friendly Portuguese Water dog.
The new addition to the family was given to the Obama's my senator Ted Kennedy as a gift to the girls.
The sixth month old puppy will definitely make Sasha and Malia happy campers and add to the long legacy of white house dogs alike!

Check Out the Pics of the new Obama Member "BO"..

While writing this I discovered:
Obama is now under fire because "Bo" may not be a rescue dog. Are you confused?
Good. I'll elaborate. Barack and Michelle when first announcing that they would get the girls a dog advocated a lot for rescue dogs, but animal activist are not too sure that Bo is a "real" rescue dog. Yes, Bo was abandonned by his first owners but he never was sent to a shelter or rescue group making him a "quasi-rescue dog" says critics.

If you want to check out more about the Obama's new dog and this foolishness regarding his origin...Copy and Paste Link Below

But seriously..who cares? Is it THAT serious?
i mean i have two dogs and could care less if they were rescued or not or even if they were pure bred or not! A dog lover is a dog more no less..PERIOD!

Personally I think Animal Activists should Leave the Obama's alone and let the dog chill! Is Sophia[Oprah's Cocker Spaniel] a rescue..NO!|main|dl1|link3|

Split Her Wig?!

Hey Guys!
If you like new, innovative, fresh, different, and out of the box..........
then this post will be a treat....


I don't know about y'all... but between, "Me and U" she needs to come her hair over the other side!

What do you think?!

Mos-Def Challenges Jay-Z and Weezy?!

I have no words...just watch..SKIP TO.......3:05
I don't know if he is drunk or what..but Mos-Def is challenging Jay and Weezy to a battle.....

Check it out Here[Courtesy of YouTube]

What do you think?!

Taste So Good..Makes Me Want to Rob You!

Hey Guys!
So If you have not heard! Then Please Let me Inform you...
Yesterday in Jacksonville, FL... A couple was robbed.
Not for jewelry. Not for money. Not even to kidnap their child!...
BUT FOR FRIED CHICKEN!..Lets say it together Black People " I AM EMBARRASED!"

Before I go off on a tangent let me just give you some more of the story..
So a woman was ending her shift, and closing up Popeye's so she could go home..
Apparently her boyfriend comes to pick her up and with some food from work..the couple begins to walk home...while walking home they noticed that they are being followed by a Burgundy Pontiac Sedan...All of a sudden the Sedan pulls up to the side walk and the suspects yell, "Give Us the Chicken!" This continues on for a few more times...

Again I Am really embarrassed black people...but i will continue...because trust me it gets better!

So the couple is ignoring the suspects shouting for chicken and they continue to walk home.. Just when the couple thinks everything is good..Reports say the suspects turned their head lights off..eased up next to the couple and jumps out of the car with a shotgun.. an says "You know what time it is. Give it up," and orders the woman to drop the chicken. Then the boyfriends pleads..the girlfriend is 2 months pregnant..the suspects dont shoot her but they do take purse..and go..and so on so on.

Ok..So..I love chicken..I do...I really do..I had some yesterday..
And I love Popeye's.. Lord knows I do...but there is no way in hell that I would ever rob someone..let alone for some chicken! Some CHicKEN!! Really tho? Is this recession that bad that we are robbing people at gunpoint..with a SHOTGUN..for chicken?!! GOD DAMMIT BLACK PEOPLE..we have got to realize that when we do ignorant things like this...we not only hurt ourselves but our race?!
You already know what those pink people say about us and our chicken and now we just proved how true that stereotype is!!


I know some of you like here you go!
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What's So Funny Beyonce?!

Well Well Well...Some of you love her...and then there are some of you that hate her...but guess what?! she is not going anywhere anytime soon, and singer/actress/songwriter and now voice of a new cartoon..Beyonce Knowles is reaching EVERY outlet she can..making her one of the most undeniable talents of our time!

Did I say new cartoon?! YES! Beyonce is lending her voice to lead singer "Shine" of the Wubb Girlz. Kind of like a Destiny's Child cartoon version..Beyonce and her fellow Wubb Girlz are hosting a contest in partnership with Wubb Idol and the winner will sing with the trio.... If your laughing that's good..cause I am too..

Wubb Idol Premiere Week starts Monday April 27th and will last throughout the week ending on Thursday April 30th. Show times are set for 10 am. Those are strictly the episodes Beyonce will appear in not to mention the big Nick Jr. Movie which will air on Friday May 1st. at 1:00pm.

Wanna See More?....[Just Watch Below]
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Taking it To the Streets!!!

Taking It to the Streets
By: George Chapman

Whether it was your mother, your father, your great uncle, or that annoying family friend, someone you know told you to use what you have to get what you want. Easy right? Well not quite. Like many inner city youth the students at neighboring high school Francis L. Cardozo possess talents which are often overlooked and discouraged. With little to no support their road to success appeared dim and obsolete but with the help of new found mentors through Street Bid’Naz: A new kind of hustle, their vision became a whole lot clearer.
Street Bid’Naz a grass root organization started by senior Agzja Carey was formed in response to a rash breakout of violence and homicide in the Oakland area of California. In its infancy Agzja held bi-monthly meetings with the Oakland community at the Family Violence Law Center in downtown Oakland while also visiting local high schools with other members of the organization to speak out about the state of the violence and crime which flooded the streets of their community. After much success in Oakland including a largely successful dance competition, Agzja brought the organization with her back to Howard and the District surrounding her, and began the next step of her amazingly beneficial organization.

Like many other public schools in the District, Francis L. Cardozo High School is not well supported, nor is success for its students well anticipated. Many of it’s students are involved in lifestyles most could not dare reciprocate, but nonetheless still deserve an equal opportunity to succeed. Started in the fall of 2008, Agzja and a slew of other supporters began a eight week Saturday program with students from Cardozo High. Serving as friends and eventual mentors, members of the bison community geared up to help the students realize their full potential in order to ensure their success. “Howard being across the street is a big resource for anything that that they want to do. Some want to be producers and singers so we invited them to Verbal Armageddon and other shows exposing them to what they can do when in college,” says freshman English major, Adjoa Nyarko. Supplying internships, emotional support, and guidance, the members of Street Bid’Naz committed more than just their time to helping these gifted individuals.

This past Saturday the organization held its first mentee adoption ceremony in the auditorium of the architecture building. “We created within Street Bid’Naz a family, the black family unit is very powerful, and can be very strong but not if it doesn’t have a strong foundation, so the purpose of the adoption ceremony is to break us up into families and officially adopt our mentors,” says Shenise Miller, sophomore political Science major from New York. For Shenice the organization goes well beyond something to put on a resume. “My brother reminds me of the kids we mentor, and because he is no longer here this[Street Bid’Naz] means my brother’s life, and so it means me saving somebody’s life.”

The large turnout and support for the event emphasized the mentors and founder Agzja Carey’s commitment to the organization and showcased that hearty bison spirit. Receiving tons of donations from campus organizations such as HUSA, Campus Pals, National Council of Negro Women(NCNW), Gentlemen of Drew Social Club(G.O.D.S.C), Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc helped to make the event that much more successful. Not to mention the gracious community involvement from hairstylist Princess of Joya Imaging Studio with assistance from female bisonette Janay Sanders and Jasmine Rice as well as fellow hairstylist Zelena Williams and Dana Lawrence. In addition to hair, there was a slew of involvement from outside resources including make-up by Leigh Jones and music by turn table master DJ Konshince and friends. Senior political science major, and member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, Marcus Ware notes his fraternity for helping cultivate his passion for mentoring. “Our chapter donated some of the clothes and shoes that are going to be used today because as a chapter we just felt like the development of young men is one of the most important things we can do as college level men.”

As the mentee’s were placed in their respective mentoring families the excitement and screams from family members and friends grew louder. As one of the young women opened up her gift for which each family presented a mentee with she cried from the overwhelming feeling of the gesture. In fact the whole ceremony was filled with tears but none more meaningful than founder Agzja Carey’s. Kimberley Overton, a parent of one of the mentee’s said in response to her child being involved in “Street Bid’Naz that, “ He is a little more responsible, and prompt, I can never get him up on Saturday to do anything, but he got up to come here[Street Bid’Naz].” A reception in the lounge of Drew Hall followed the Ceremony where mentee Vanda Hill reflected on the experience noting, “My biggest problem was coming to school on time and doing homework, I’ve changed because having somewhere there has shown me that school is not always boring, it’s good, and it’s fun too!”

First Lady "daps" up Queen Elizabeth?!!

SUP yaLL!!
I've been posting a lot lately haven't I?? but you know what? You love it lol!!
But Let me just say I was really excited to post this because I need to vent! Reading/ Watching the news really annoy me sometimes.. and what many news stations and reporters find important are getting dumber and dumber!

So I'm reading the news today, and reporters are actually reporting on the way First Lady Michelle Obama may have wrongly "greeted" the Queen of England, when the Obama's were act Buckingham Palace yesterday. Seriously?!! THE WAY SHE GREETED HER?!!
But let me not get upset too much before I tell you what happen..ok so the news reports that many spectators, and officials are a little concerned about the fact that the first lady touched the Queen during their recent encounter. During a Reception for those leaders attending the G-20 summit, The Queen rested her hand on Michele Obama's back, and then a few seconds later...the first lady DID THE SAME THING!!! R U SERIOUS?!!! SINCE WHEN IS THE QUEEN UNTOUCHABLE?

SHE IS NOT ALL MIGHTY!! this is the type of things that make me angry..
Michelle Obama was first criticized for touching the Queen even though she was just returning the what I like to call "side hug"...that old White lady probably scared her! Not to mention the fact that when the two exchanged gifts which is standard Protocol..Michelle gave the Queen an i pod..but the Queen gave Michelle a picture of herself?!! A picture of you?! Seriously? If She wanted to see the Queen she could just Google her!!

I'm done y'all because that just ruined my day! it really did!!

but I'm really interested to know what you all think?
Comment Below and Lets discuss it! also.....Vote on the Polls to your Left!

Here is a video about it..[Courtesy of CNN.COM]
Embedded video from CNN Video