Mos-Def Challenges Jay-Z and Weezy?!

I have no words...just watch..SKIP TO.......3:05
I don't know if he is drunk or what..but Mos-Def is challenging Jay and Weezy to a battle.....

Check it out Here[Courtesy of YouTube]

What do you think?!

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lacedup said...

hey..he's a legend, he has the right to battle some of the best...
its not like its soulja boy battling ice t all over again..
its one of the best in HIP HOP (the real hip hop) taking on what the new-school perceives to be as hip hop which is actually mainstream..
i think its a good look for mos def too sine he is being over seems as if rappers that have a huge vocab seem to get no respect since they don't speak about killing or selling drugs..
its as if they are "too smart" to be rappers since they talk about other things besides what has become the epitome of music.

cosigning on mos def