Barack and Michelle Plus 3

Hey Guys!
So as you know, the Obama's finally got their new dog. No not a Dalmatian, or a Yorkie, or a Greyhound, as previously reported but a fluffy and friendly Portuguese Water dog.
The new addition to the family was given to the Obama's my senator Ted Kennedy as a gift to the girls.
The sixth month old puppy will definitely make Sasha and Malia happy campers and add to the long legacy of white house dogs alike!

Check Out the Pics of the new Obama Member "BO"..

While writing this I discovered:
Obama is now under fire because "Bo" may not be a rescue dog. Are you confused?
Good. I'll elaborate. Barack and Michelle when first announcing that they would get the girls a dog advocated a lot for rescue dogs, but animal activist are not too sure that Bo is a "real" rescue dog. Yes, Bo was abandonned by his first owners but he never was sent to a shelter or rescue group making him a "quasi-rescue dog" says critics.

If you want to check out more about the Obama's new dog and this foolishness regarding his origin...Copy and Paste Link Below

But seriously..who cares? Is it THAT serious?
i mean i have two dogs and could care less if they were rescued or not or even if they were pure bred or not! A dog lover is a dog more no less..PERIOD!

Personally I think Animal Activists should Leave the Obama's alone and let the dog chill! Is Sophia[Oprah's Cocker Spaniel] a rescue..NO!|main|dl1|link3|

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