What's So Funny Beyonce?!

Well Well Well...Some of you love her...and then there are some of you that hate her...but guess what?! she is not going anywhere anytime soon, and singer/actress/songwriter and now voice of a new cartoon..Beyonce Knowles is reaching EVERY outlet she can..making her one of the most undeniable talents of our time!

Did I say new cartoon?! YES! Beyonce is lending her voice to lead singer "Shine" of the Wubb Girlz. Kind of like a Destiny's Child cartoon version..Beyonce and her fellow Wubb Girlz are hosting a contest in partnership with Wubb Idol and the winner will sing with the trio.... If your laughing that's good..cause I am too..

Wubb Idol Premiere Week starts Monday April 27th and will last throughout the week ending on Thursday April 30th. Show times are set for 10 am. Those are strictly the episodes Beyonce will appear in not to mention the big Nick Jr. Movie which will air on Friday May 1st. at 1:00pm.

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