First Lady "daps" up Queen Elizabeth?!!

SUP yaLL!!
I've been posting a lot lately haven't I?? but you know what? You love it lol!!
But Let me just say I was really excited to post this because I need to vent! Reading/ Watching the news really annoy me sometimes.. and what many news stations and reporters find important are getting dumber and dumber!

So I'm reading the news today, and reporters are actually reporting on the way First Lady Michelle Obama may have wrongly "greeted" the Queen of England, when the Obama's were act Buckingham Palace yesterday. Seriously?!! THE WAY SHE GREETED HER?!!
But let me not get upset too much before I tell you what happen..ok so the news reports that many spectators, and officials are a little concerned about the fact that the first lady touched the Queen during their recent encounter. During a Reception for those leaders attending the G-20 summit, The Queen rested her hand on Michele Obama's back, and then a few seconds later...the first lady DID THE SAME THING!!! R U SERIOUS?!!! SINCE WHEN IS THE QUEEN UNTOUCHABLE?

SHE IS NOT ALL MIGHTY!! this is the type of things that make me angry..
Michelle Obama was first criticized for touching the Queen even though she was just returning the what I like to call "side hug"...that old White lady probably scared her! Not to mention the fact that when the two exchanged gifts which is standard Protocol..Michelle gave the Queen an i pod..but the Queen gave Michelle a picture of herself?!! A picture of you?! Seriously? If She wanted to see the Queen she could just Google her!!

I'm done y'all because that just ruined my day! it really did!!

but I'm really interested to know what you all think?
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Here is a video about it..[Courtesy of CNN.COM]
Embedded video from CNN Video

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