C Breezy is giving a lot of "SEX" this V-Day

WasSUp Guys!!!

So Chris Breezy is back!! His new mixtape, " In My Zone(Rythm & Streets) dropped today and honestly...all I can say is round of applause to Chris! His new valentines day themed album shows a much more mature side of the teen superstar that female fans have only fantasized about. With songs like Sex, Invented Head and Back Out..Chris Breezy isn't ashamed to let the world know that he isnt little and that he can play like the big boys do.

This album ultimately isn't the normal Chris Brown treatment. He isn't calling you from down the block screaming, "Yo" but he is pushing you against the wall and taking you to unforseen places. He is establishing himself as a young man who has sex, and occasionally raps while In His Zone. He still has fun and youthful arrangements but is screaming to the industry that he is no little boy. What do you think?!

Hit Or Miss?!
...check it out for yourself!!!

In My Zone(Rthym & Streets)

Happy Valentines Day: Flashback!

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Anonymous said...

i thought "Work wit it" was one of the best on the mixtape.