It Been a Long Time Coming...

[Deep Breath]
Hey Guys!!!!!

It's been soo loooooong!! I know I say that all the time but this time it has been several MONTHS. There is a good reason for my dissapearance this time. I promise. As you know, the last post that I did was around the begining of the summer before I started my internship at Right On! Magazine. Ultimately, my job at Right On! and my blog were the same thing so I decided to simply focus on my job. Nevertheless I always loved my personal blog and my few dedicated readers and supporters! Ya'll are the bomb!!

Anyways, I have over 100 post on Right On! Magazine from the summer and 4 clips to add to my collection of writings! I interviewed American Idol Top 12 Contestant MICHAEL LYNCHE and with the help of a fellow journalist interviewed PHARREL WILLIAMS! Thus this summer has been extremely succesful. I have learned so many skills from the wonderful and talented editor-in-chief DANICA DANIEL and I am so excited to start posting and getting back to you guys and everything that I enjoy. My internship was extended and thus I have so much more to do with both you and Right On! but because of all I learned I can manage it!

Hmm what else? I plan on interning more this fall with more places and bringing you as much writing and experiences as possible! Trust me, this fall will be epic for the both of us! I plan on having a photoshoot soon to help me revamp the blog and just beauitfy it a bit more so that is somehthing that you guys can look forward to! Way more pictures, post, personal entries and just more, more, more for this fall!! If you have any question or ideas for post or interviews that you all would like to see...send me an email to and I will get right back to you as soon as possible! Just make sure to include the nature of the e-mail in the subject of the e-mail! For now, that is all I have!!


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