TrANsfOrm Ya

So Uhh!
I been gone for like bad! but you know how random and unpredictable i can be...NO EXCUSES THO!!
There is absolutely no excuses for my tardiness...but please let me explain!

I basically I have been so wrapped up in school and life and thus have neglected the main thing that has brought me joy! this blog, my followers, my friends, my fans! So with that said, after today this blog will become almost like a journal! Isn't that good news?!!! YESS!! BABY!! YESS!!! I KNOW IT IS[Mo'Nique's Voice] hahaha! Isn't that soo much more funnier when you think about her saying it?! lol...Maybe it's just me...

Anyways!! i have a radio show now!! If you all don't know I attend the illustrious Howard University[ cough's uncontrollably] and we have the number 1 college radio station in the country WHBC830 am and we got it on lock! Ok so that part I made to say but keeping on topic you can catch me on that station or the internet rather because we r not on the radio radio anymore lol..but yeahh catch me here<<<<[click the word here] every SATURDAY from 4-6 on the THE SCOOP!! Also I am now a Street Bid'Naz mentor, member of Target H.O.P.E, member of Endustry Power Players, Intern for Hidden Beach Recordings, and like side A&R REP for the homie Courtney Salter<<<[click her name for more info]
With all of that said I have been busy and now I am finding time to catch you guys up and really connect with you more. The semester is winding down and so I will definitely be on here more filling you in on all the small cracks of my life and what not, and whatever else I feel like talking about.

Today is Dec 3rd and yesterday was WORLD AIDS DAY and so everyone please be safe, wrap it up, be smart, be loving, be passionate, but be CAREFUL!! If you can support the the cause do so and donate donate, donate! a cure will come soon :)

Uhh What else..well for right now Im going to just leave you with this new Priscilla Renea cover that I been playing all damn morning! she is the bomb..if you guys are avid readers of the blog...u know who she is!! but if not...take a peak! ALSO!!! HER ALBUM JUKEBOX IS IN STORES NOW!!! GO GET IT!!!

Talk To You Soon,

P.S. The acting thing is coming along!! Spoke to the Legendary Jackee Harry and Telma Hopkins and I am super inspired and motivated and I will keep you guys posted on any major moves in that area....

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