Chris Brown Going to Jail?!

Damn Damn Damn.
Chris Brown has reportedly been charged with 2 Felonies in connection with his Pre- Grammy Attack on Rihanna. The R&B Crooner faces a maximum of four years and eight months in prison!

The star is allegedly going to be arraigned today at 3:30 pm in downtown LA.

There has just been shocking evidence provided by the LAPD of what really happen in the car with the two teen sensations!

Courtesy of TMZ.COM
"FOX 11 in L.A. obtained LAPD detectives notes from a search warrant in the case. According to the notes, Rihanna read a three-page text message on Brown's phone from a woman. An argument ensued and Brown allegedly tried forcing Rihanna out of the car but couldn't because she was wearing her seat belt.

Brown then allegedly shoved Rihanna's head against the passenger window. When Rihanna turned to face him, Brown punched her, then continued punching her while driving, according to the detective's notes.

Blood spattered all over Rihanna's clothing and in the interior of the car. Her mouth was filled with blood.

Brown allegedly told Rihanna, "I'm going to beat the **** out of you when we get home. You wait and see."

Rihanna called her assistant and left a message saying, "I am on my way home. Make sure the cops are there when I get there."

Brown then replied, "You just did the stupidest thing ever. I'm going to kill you."

According to the report, Brown continued to punch Rihanna, bit her on her ear, her fingers and put her in a headlock -- she almost lost consciousness."

Come on Yall!? What do you think about that?!!

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KaliSpeaksTheTruth said...

I think he deserves to go to jail. I am 100% against domestic violence and it's things like this from the BLACK community that especially makes me mad. Like, Chris Brown had no right putting his hand on that poor girl. I don't care what type of issue's they are dealing with. Then he has the nerve to threaten her? He deserves to spend some time behind bars. Do some damn thinking and PRAYING...cuz only GOD can save him. Any female who is still a fan of this asshole...needs to check themselves! And I swear is Rihanna goes back to his sorry ass...she's needs help. Seriously...needs REHAB for that.