Disney's Princess Tiana has Jungle Fever?!

Hey Guys!
So briefly here is the scoop. Disney has been working on it's well anticipated debut of its newest movie, The Frog Princess which will star it's first African American Princess, voice of Dreamgirl's Anika Noni Rose this fall. That of course is great...but news of her princes' lighter skin has caused a stir in the African American Community. Sadly enough there has been much outrage over the color of the princes' skin.

Reports have noted that the prince is not actually white but of Hispanic heritage. Either way, many still are not satisfied and doesn't understand why Disney's first Black Princess has to be the only princess to have a prince outside of her race besides her predecessor Pocahontas, who lived happily ever after with John Smith who was white(based on a true story).
What do you think guys?
Are some members of the African American Community being too judgmental?
Should the prince be African American?
Should President Barack Obama have a cartoon? lol [just thought i'd ask lol]

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KaliSpeaksTheTruth said...

I think people need to wake up and realize we are living in a world where White and Black people do date. I mean, why does the Black Princess have to have a Black Prince? I love the message that Disney is sending to young people that grow up not knowing anything about diversity. I think it will spark a lot of questions in households which will force parents to talk to their children about interracial mixing. Personally, I don't mind it! Hey, if she's in love with him...SO BE IT! I love them all!!

Miaaaaa said...

first of, Pocahontas is historically incorrect. She was a mohickan indian meanin that she didnt have long flowin black hair but a mohawk and she was never romantically involved with John Smith. She married white man John Rolfe who took her to England where she got malaria and died.

and while i think its great for them to show some diversity, I wish we could just have something for ourselves. Is it really to much to ask to have an all-black Disney movie? Is it too much to ask to have an all black anything anymore???