honey bunches of crunches?!

I know..what a title?! hahaha
sooo again like every year since i've turned 16, i have promised myself i would work out...
well hey it never happened..BUT....this year it might lol..
i got a personal trainer and a dream lol so "YES WE CAN!!!."
the bro's on my floor are down to support me in my efforts to become the georgeinator lol and dammit thats what i will become! lol
i think we might tape it and make our own "MADE" series lol

diD i tell you that the "ShurEs" agreed to leT me feature them in 25 MAG!!
Im so eXciTEd!! i love that group...and i get to interview them for the MAg..
Chris is the coolest guy in the world...and the "Shures" are about to blow up!
WHY? cause "liFE's CallInG" hahahaha

I havEn't found out about any of my internships yet, but god speed everyone!! god speed!

THE grammy's come on tonight! that's exciting isn't it?!
jAsminE SuLlivan, the SwaGGA liKE Us pERFORMAnCE..LeoNa LeWIS..ALL thESe greaT mUSICAL gENiuSEs...I CaN'T stanD It!! hahahaha

Well THAtS all FOr thE dAY
I ll Be baCk TONitE tO aRgUE ABoUT tHE gRammY's hahahah
becAUse you know thre will be some discrepancies!! lol

later guys

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