I GOt ALOT oF cOoL nEWs TO CoVER!! :)
and with that said...tHe firSt oRder of bUsiNEss Is..DUe TO iNfLuX oF rECenT cOmPlAInTS ABout tHe WAy I TYpe
I offICIallY aS oF TOdAY aM GOinG TO sTOP TYpING IN BIg ANd SMALL LEtters :( (GASP!!!!!)

i know, i know, but dont cry. I will find another way to stand out and be george!! so dont worry guys the nay-sayers cant stop us for long!

2nd order of business is...I WILL NOT!! i repeat...I WILL NOT Blog about the recent controversy which is plaguing pop stars CHRIS BROWN and RIHANNA.
Reason being is I strongly feel my co-workers and friends(media) are brutally attacking CHRIS BROWN for allegations that have been but have not been confirmed. I feel that there is always two sides to a story, and as a journalist..i just want the truth. thus i feel that one side of the controversy is not the truth.And for that...i wont discuss it until the full report is uncovered..or the artist addresses it.

3rd order of business :P
did you see the first episode for the new season of making the band!! Im so hype yall.. this season will kill. I know everybody wants to know whats going on with Danity Kane(DK) and if this first episode indicates anything which may occur..Im worried. Dawn appeared worried, and legitimately concerned about the future of the group..but im not totally convinced that she is worried with all the rumors speculating her budding solo career hmmmmmm. i guess we will just have to watch and
As for the fellas? [barks] DAY 26! uhhh arguments and fights and bitch fits makes for a great season!! buuuut not necessarily a great album! Que getting mad over the way robert worded something..and seriously having a full fledged debate was dumb...and not too if indeed he does want to "stick it out" with his brothers he needs to get over the petty BS. Brian looks like he is going to be a problem.......again......and i feel if he doesn't shut up...he might not be around long.. you know the napolean complex is real! lol
The first episode was basic tho..just an update so nothing too serious..but ill definitely be watching along with u guys to follow up on everybodies favorite bad boy artist lol.

but enough about what i thought..what did you think about the first episode?
promising? boring? let me know ur take on the new season?

oh yea before I dip..
can i just say i filled out my fafsa recently and my Estimated Family Contribution(EFC) is sooooo much! WTF!!i dont have that,,i dont know what scale they use to get these off the wall figures but it most certainly isn't accurate!! I mean all they ask for his how much you get in this and that but never how much you spend or have to pay for this or that!! the money comes in but it doesn't stay!!WTF

IDK yall....that made me a lil angry lol..i just had to talk about it lol


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