lEts GeT iT!

Sup YALl!!
I finally was able to work out the kinks on a new design!!
wat do u think?!..............
i KnO its FirE! Lol
iTs 5:15 AM on the 28Th oF jANuaRy..and I DeaD a**
hAD tO gEt ThIs donE lOl...

BUt on TO SOme eXCItiNg neWs..

gUess WhO is Going TO BillBOard MaG..and VIBe..and NyLon(NyC) tOMorrOw....
yUP YuP yOurs TrulY!
Im Mad HYPe..... i FeeL Like Im oN SOmE tYpe Of DruG LMAo
oN a SidE NOTe:
low KeY im ExCIteD TO go HOme TomORrOw..
im MisSInG mOmZ n' Bk..LOl
THat is UntIl SHe ASK mE TO WAlK tHe DOGS!! LMAO

It sNoweD at the MecCa tOday anD 2012 WenT In witH Like 3 sNowBaLl FightS?
All The sOuTHerNErs r TOO eXCIted ABout snOw LOl
CLaSSes wEre CLosEd aFteR 4..I thOughT thaT wAs pREtty pOintLess..
buT tHen AGain i Didnt havE Clas TIll 5:10 SO im COol i sUpposE.. LMAO
WhO KNew a LIl BIt' oF sNOw COuld STOP tHE SHOw?

I WIll CLosE out THis POst
LeTTIng ALL Of You knOw THat
If YOu DONT HAVe it..GO GET it
Im SO SEriOUS! You WOnt ReGRET it..

if ThAts ALL..

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