thE MoRnIng AfTer "CHanGE"

It's about 6am, as I write this but I have got to blog about the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama! The realization of the African American changed at 12:00pm on January 20th. A people of disparity, no longer wanders in sorrow, but rather with their heads lifted. A generation fueled on the excitement of new dance craves sat still and listened to the voice of reason, the voice of vision, and the voice of a leader. No longer does American have to remain in turmoil under the reign of former President Bush, but can now flourish and dream under the direction of President Barack Hussein Obama. Not often are African Americans encouraged to reach for the stars despite their fatigue. Not often are they told you can do it, without the doubt of failure. When in history, has America ever given credit to the African American for their contributions, innovations, and revelations? President Obama did more than win an election. He inspired a nation! His win not only helped signal change in America, but it changed the consciousness of the African American.
Only few leaders are able to shift the thoughts and realities of an entire nation, and Barack Obama, is one of the few. It has been stated over and over, that slaves were kept enslaved not only because of the weaponry that the white man concealed, but more importantly the mental enslavement of the people. The ability of the white man to foster ideologies of failure, stupidity, and white superiority upon the African Americans hindered them significantly more that any gun the white man was able to create. The power to completely handicap the mind and consciousness of a people to believe in their instability as well as their incapability is a great one, and so when the consciousness is shifted, and the faith , will power, and passion is restored there is no obstacle large enough to stop the forces of empowerment.
The inauguration of Barack Obama did just that. It inspired and shifted the thought patterns of a people so negatively and poorly represented. It sparked a fire in me, so bright which will burn until the success I dreamed of is tangible. I no longer doubt my success or have second thoughts of my capabilities. The righteousness and self empowerment I feel is so strong and so healthy that I undoubtedly believe that anything is possible and that I can truly do anything I ever wanted or dreamed. Inspiration like the one President Obama gives to me and others like me is rare and undeniable. It truly is a commodity to find someone or something capable of uplifting an entire race, and culture to the extent in which the election of Barack Obama did to Africans Americans, and America as a whole. Comparable to the shift of consciousness that took place some 40+ years ago when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke to America from the Lincoln Memorial. There is no greater feeling than the one given when one’s whole being is convinced of their prosperity and future accomplishments!

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Amen to change.